Brian Anderson and PaulGar Present Lannibug at NJ SKATESHOP.

“Hey, what’sgoodie playa, there’s an event at NJ skateshop tonight around 6:30, are you trynna go?”

“Okay fire, well, I’ll be at your place at 6:00”

A few cell phone call exchanges later, I’m picking up a six-pack of craft beer at Adelphia, in East Brunswick. Next thing I know its 6:38PM, so I slip out onto Route 18 to head to the stomping grounds – Easton Avenue. My car glides gently by NJ Skateshop; a small crowd already buzzing outside of the shop. I arrive to Josh’s place at 7, we grab ghetto coozies (paper bags) and head to the shop.

We arrive at NJ and the vibrations are tangible and mellow, there is excitement in the air as today NJ Skate-shop has visiting stars from Queens, New York City. One of them by the name of Brian Anderson, the other by the name of Paul Garr.

Brian Anderson has worked with companies in time ranging from Toy Machine, as he went pro with them in 1988, and was named Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of the Year to joining the Girl Skateboards team in 1999. To as of 2016 he is sponsored by Anti-Hero Skateboards, Nike SB, Independent, Labor Skateboard Shop, Spitfire, and Bones. All of this info I ripped from Wikipedia…

B.Anderson and Paul Garr opening speeches for Lannibug by D.G
photo of B.Anderson by D.G

Alls I’m saying in the universe aligned for this one. Brian Anderson’s film Lannibug was released on the Youtubes on June 11, 2021 Capisch?! A day later, it’s June twelfth, and it’s Brian’s birthday, hence the photographs of the cake. During the opening remarks before the film, he described himself as an honorary Jerseyan – by injection. Already everyone was beginning to know Brian Anderson a bit more, and we were about to get to know Alanna Gabin as well.

The lights were dimmed low, everyone is getting into a formation to witness the words that these two are not mincing, regarding their dedicatee of this film, Alanna Gabin. The picture to the left of this stanza is of Brian and Paul giving the opening remarks to the film, and there is a short video clip of it to the right.

Everyone was in a good mood, and as Lannibug progressed so did the level of excitement of the cheers from the crowd. It grew from little “yews” to way bigger “YEWS”. Have you ever heard the joke about “How many skateboarders does it take to screw in a lightbulb?” The answer is “just one, and the rest of his homies to scream ‘yeeeewwwwww.”

So there you have it a quick rendition of the Lannibug Premier at NJ Skateshop on June, 12, 2021.

B.Anderson opening remarks about Alanna and Paul Garr.

photo by D.G

“This film is dedicated to Alanna Gabin.”

B. Anderson


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